Friday, October 2, 2009

Game. Set. Natch.

Pete recently hosted a That 70s Tennis Tournament. Due to logistical lack of planning problems, it ended up with Pete and his cohorts inventing a new game. That game was called racquetball. Pete led Team Borg to an inglorious defeat--Team Laver took home both the Play-Doh-esque medallion and the scoreboard--which was actually a record Pete had planned on keeping. But next fucking time we will beat them. Pete has had a perfectly defeated 2009. No wins in soccer, softball, or tennis. Plus, the Mets suck. Oh yeah, Pete made some chicken salad sandwiches for the tourney. Chicken, walnuts, apple, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and dried orange cranberries. Pete being Pete, he ran out of rye bread so half of them were served on cinnamon raisin bread. Dirty Arnold Palmers were also imbibed by the two-fifth's worth. Lissy provided Nutella for dessert. The whole day was crazy, natch, nuts. 

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  1. Hey are you still using your @PeteLaCock handle on twitter? If not I'd like to grab it from you. I'm using @ItsPeteLaCock for now...let me know. Thanks.