Friday, May 29, 2009

Pizza! The Movie: A Review

"Pizza is like sex--even when it's not great, it's still good." is just one of many words to take to heart from the documentary Pizza! The Movie. (Pete thinks there is really good pizza though.) The film contains not only interviews with the owners of iconic NY pizzerias like Spumoni Gardens (great atmosphere, but the sauce is too sweet for Pete), Lombardi's (okay, Pete prefers John's of Bleecker Street though), and DiFara's (lives up to the hype and then some), but it also manages to make fun of Midwesterners (which is another iconic NY thing to do, especially when people from the Midwest that have lived here for, like, three years are doing it), explain the history of California Pizza, and introduce us to the superstar of the competitive pizza world, Tony Gemignani, who makes pizzas like Tom Cruise made drinks in Cocktail and is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as having spun a pizza dough across his shoulders 37 times in 30 seconds--as well as being the biggest tool currently walking the planet. Watch his team, World Pizza Champions, perform their gold-medal winning acrobatic dough throwing performance here; and yes, they are doing an homage to the Matrix. You should definitely pick up some Pizza!--it is as funny as any Christopher Guest mockumentary and the pizza place that Pete worked at in Raleigh, NC, is featured in the movie, too.

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  1. These people go ahead and touch your food without even washing their hands. They defile your food with their sausagehands. Sausagehead does like a good pepperoni pizza though.