Thursday, June 11, 2009

...and Pete ordered the assiette plate

Pete lunched in the Marais district--marais means "the marsh" (the area used to be a swampland); marais rhymes with gay (and it's fittingly the gay section of Paris); it used to be the center of Jewish life, and while some of that remains (a synagogue for example) it is mostly occupied by expensive, trendy boutiques and clothing shops--at the famous Jewish eatery Chez Marianne. Pete and friends ordered 16 items from the assiette menu--including a delicious artichoke, fennel, and orange salad, pickel (a shockingly red-hued pastrami that is delicious nonetheless), foie gras, hummus, aubergine, green (spicy) and red (sweet) peppers, and kefta (seasoned balls of beef)--and washed it down with some red wine. In part one of this post, you'll notice a white figure over the handsome bearded gentleman's left shoulder; you'll also notice a black figure with a red balloon on the wall of the cafe. These are two pieces of street art that can be found all over the city. There's even a graphic novel--the French are mad for graphic novels--about these pigeons that fly around and have existential (oh, the French can't help it, give them a break) conversations in front of the most famous pieces of street art in Paris, which also include tiles in the shape of Space Invaders-like creatures, a big smiling bird, and black-and-white headshots of famous actors like Cary Grant and Sophie Loren.

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