Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Find My Sweet Heart

Pete lost his one true Sweetheart when she wouldn't walk home with him one hot summery day; last Pete heard, she was looking after a small grocery in his old Ditmas Park nabe. Pete only mentions that because if you are not careful, you will walk right past Sweet Heart Coffee Bakery on 8th Avenue just south of 14th Street since it has no sign and it's in that confusing section of Greenwich Village where 4th Street and 13th Street intersect--Pete once wrote a song about this phenomenon in a larger ode to his bad-direction giving. The easiest way to locate it is to get yourself some strapless heels at Shoegasm, and then walk one store in a southerly direction. And you don't want to walk past it because they have the self-proclaimed best empanadas in New York City. Pete is not an expert on such matters--but doubts most of these claims as a general rule--but they are damn good, definitely better than any he can remember having. Pete recommends the Argentinean beef, the cod fish, and the pumpkin with goat cheese. They also have daily specials--today's was pepperoni and mozzarella--as well a combo deal of an empanada and a banana shake (the super thin, slightly watery kind) for four bucks; plus, they have really good pastries--pan au chocolate and big-ass cookies.


  1. Shoes... and empanadas? Sounds like a perfect day.

  2. With apologies to J.D. Salinger, a perfect day for banana (shake and) (cod)fish.