Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ice Cream!

Pete was ready for the pastries in Paris--which he'll get around to at some point--but he was surprised by all the ice cream everywhere. Parisians are mad for it, but then again, who doesn't love ice cream? (Check out the grave photo.) And is it any surprise that French glaciers make some of the best in the world. Pete's two faves were Maison Berthillon (sounds a little classier than Baskin Robbins, right?) and Gelati d'Alberto. Berthhillon is on the Ile Saint-Louis, one of two natural islands that sit right in the middle of the Seine in the middle of Paris. Berthillion is considered by many--like this guy who wrote the Perfect Scoop--to make the greatest ice cream in the world; Pete tried three flavors: licorice, ginger bread, and salted butter caramel. The salted butter caramel was pretty amazing, the best Pete has had. The ginger bread had big chunks of ginger bread in it and the licorice tasted like licorice. The best in the world is big words though. It is a quest Pete would gladly go on though. Gelati d' Alberto in the lovely Rue Mouffetard section of town--where you can find lots of really good street food like potatoes cooked in rotisserie chicken drippings, panini, falafel, as well as cheese and wine shops, boulangeries, etc.--is not world famous but they do sculpt their ice cream into flower shapes. Pete had coffee and chocolate bacio on a sugar cone, it was delicious and beautiful despite its unappetizing color.

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