Thursday, August 6, 2009

I likes me some Lacock...

Pete lunched on an old school grilled cheese with tomatoes and onions, and a bowl of gazpacho at the Blind Tiger on Bleecker Street with the West Coast chapter of his fan club--Solo Basura and Fernando Valenzuela--plus Spaceman and Piper Steampunk the Third. Spaceman, Solo, and Piper got the roasted bacon, Granny Smith apple, red onion, and cheddar melt and Fernando got the always delicious bahn mi. In terms of bars that serve food, as opposed to restaurants that have beer, the Tiger is one of NYC's best and their beer selection is vast and outstanding. So, Pete, in honor of Saturday's Red Hook Pub Crawl that will begin at Six Point's brewery, exploded two Six Point Brownestone Ales into his face. The highlight of lunch--outside of catching up with good friends and cracking a funny or three--was that Solo coined the catch phrase for the back of the coming-soon LaCock tees: I likes me some LaCock... Because, really, who doesn't like a little--or even a lot--LaCock from time to time. And just because there is a lot of LaCock to go around, Pete would like to share the location of the single greatest outdoor beer garden in NYC: The Manhattan Bridge. Pete's preferred pick-up spot is Juan's Bodega on Forsyth and Rivington where for $2.50 you can get two 16-ounce PBR cans. 

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