Friday, February 27, 2009

The Eye of the (Blind) Tiger

Pete and Bill "Spaceman" Lee decided to take advantage of the nice weather so they ventured off to the Blind Tiger on Bleecker Street in hopes of getting one of the much-loved street-facing window tables (they did, the middle one in the photo) so they could people watch--tourists (Look, I have a Yankees hat on and I'm waiting in line at John's Pizza!), pretty ladies (Hi.), neighborhood archetypes (crazy, ex-socialist grandma with a big-brimmed hat and a bike with a basket), and the guys from Ottomanelli's Meat Market--while snacking on the Tiger's delicious mini Bahn Mi (pork, daikon, plum sauce, and spicy mango slaw on a hard, crunchy roll) and sipping on a pint of pilsner.
Pete also took a chance on Rafeal's Seven Pepper Chili with pork shoulder and sirloin; he was glad he did. It was spicy but not in a Mountain-Dew-totally-extreme-my-mouth-is-on-fire-dude way--it was just real flavorful. Pete and Spaceman could have people watched the rest of the day away but work--and gelato--beckoned, so they headed around the corner to L'Arte del Gelato on Barrow Street. Two coffee and spicy chocolate gelatos in hand, Pete and Spaceman satiatedly strolled back to the lab--probably looking a little like an odd gay couple with their matching gelatos.


  1. Pete seems to enjoy getting matching food with his man-friends. Baby quiche anyone?

  2. Pete is confident with his manhood and is an omnivorous eater--he will share quiche and gelato and even a cheese plate with both man and woman equally.