Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puffy's the Magic Tavern

Alidoro on Sullivan between Prince and Spring Streets in SoHo makes a fantastic sandwich, but the line can be long and they don't have "Coffee...lattes...half sandwiches...mayo...pepper...chips...pickels (sic)...glasses of water...knives...plates...BATHROOMS...GRAZIE". And they are prone to saying things like, "Just look at the menu, how do I know what you would like?" However, Puffy's Tavern on the corner of Hudson and Harrison in TriBeCa has Alidoro sandwiches made to order and most of those other things, as well as service with a cute smile, and, drum roll please, three dollar drafts with your sandwich if you dine in. They get the same delicious stirato, semolina, and  focaccia breads from Grandaisy Bakery and the same exact meats, cheeses, peppers, greens, etc. Pete enjoyed a Daniela--Italian tuna (oil and vinegar instead of mayo). smoked mozzarella, hot peppers, and arugula on white stirato--and a couple of cold Sierra Nevadas for lunch this afternoon. Pete shared his lovely meal with some other classics: the lunch-ing ladies sipping chardonays with boutique bags at their feet and the construct-ing dudes power washing their lunch with bottles of Bud in constant motion like the jackhammers they will soon--scarily--be using.

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