Monday, February 23, 2009

Linner Is the New Brunch

Why settle for the breakfast-lunch combo when, Pete thinks, he can combine the two best meals of the day: lunch and dinner? Especially when it means Pete doesn't have to wait in line with a bunch of dudes that wish they were in Death Cab for Cutie, and try to say interesting things out loud for others to be impressed by. After a late night celebrating a friend's 30th in Red Hook by drinking Budweiser's at Sunny's and the subsequent late wake-up time, Pete hit the Jake Walk on Smith and Sackett for a little bit of savory rarebit, or Welsh rabbit, which oddly has no Bugs in it--it's cheese melted with spices and beer and other shit served on thick rye bread--and stiff cocktails. Pete followed that up with more vintage cocktails at the Clover Club on Smith between Baltic and Butler. Needless to say, Pete walked home with a stiff-legged gait, and woke up with a rather heavy dose of the gout frustration, i.e. the simplest things seem maddeningly complicated.

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