Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Change You Can Put in Your Pocket

To show solidarity with our new President on the day of his pseudo-State of the (Bleak) Union Address, Pete decided to show fiscal responsibility and bring his lunch. A simple mixed green salad with tomatoes and broccoli, and a chicken burrito from Trader Joe's. Pete wonders why in these post-racial times that a company with such a clear liberal bent insists on naming their ethnic lines of products in Looney Tunes-like terms such as "Trader Jose's" and "Trader Ming's". (What, no line of tequilas named after Slowpoke Rodriguez?) Nevertheless, a fairly tasty, nutritious meal and a cup of coffee from Joe: The Art of Coffee on Waverly and Gay is proof to Pete that yes, Mr. President, yes, we can eat lunch for less than five dollars.


  1. I, too, always laugh when I see Trader Jose's and Trader Ming's, and I wonder is that merely ironic or in fact ironically ironic? Pete?

  2. There is also Trader Giotto's and Trader San-Jan. While Pete loves him some meta-irony said with a sideways smirk, Pete thinks that Trader Joe's is bordering on telling racist jokes to prove that they are "so above being racist."