Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Even Stevie Nicks

could deny the deliciousness of the carne asada burrito at the Vendy-winning Calexico cart at Prince and Wooster in SoHo; Pete finds its beauty simple--its simplicity is beautiful: steak, beans, and rice. Though, Bill "Spaceman" Lee agreed with Pete that a fresh pico de gallo might be a nice addition. And Stevie Nicks could not deny that New York may be the only city in the world in which white guys serve Mexicans burritos and tacos. And the brothers Calexico will be opening a proper restaurant in the old Schnack spot on Union Street in the Columbia Waterfront district, not too far from Pete LaCock's home base, at the end of March. Pete thinks he might get a belly going on this verano.

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