Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bam! No Cummerspeck for Me, Please

After another come-from-behind one-point win, Pete headed over to Toby's Public House to celebrate the football victory. Started with an endive salad that had caramel, almonds, pecorino cheese, and apples, and then split a polenta with gorgonzola and truffle oil topped with crimini, and the speck pizza. (In German, Cummerspeck means "bacon worry", i.e. overeating due to emotional stress.) The speck is thinkly sliced and there are hints of juniper to it, and it goes well the with mozzarella, mascarpone, and arugula. Toby's has a sort of fratty, sports bar feel but the food is excellent. Pete also took a bag of Bam's root beer beef jerky, which is surprisingly spicy, home with him. Pete has previously had the Dr. Pepper flavor as well--it tasted like Dr. Pepper! Bam himself was behind the bar serving Pete his Toby's Cheap Beer beers; Pete thinks that Bam could do for jerky what Iggy did for drugs--make you wonder why repeatedly doing something that is supposedly bad for you--eating beef jerky, mainlining heroin--gives you the physique of a Greek statue. 


  1. "Bacon worry?!" That's a term that should not exist! Unless you are worried there's not enough bacon left...

  2. Considering you are always the first to pull out the bacon slice and accuse someone of being a baconist, I'm surprised that you are so baconistical.