Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Pizza and the Puff

Pete wanted a lunch as classic as soup and a sandwich, a burger and fries, or fish and chips, so headed to Carmine and Sixth for pizza and cream puffs from Joe's Pizza and Beard Papa. Joe's has been around--albeit in a different location originally--since around the time Pete uttered "Me, too." for the first of many times to come; however, their slices still maintain the four classical pizza elements: crispy crust (you hear a slight "crack" when you fold the slice); tomatoey tasting sauce (not sugary sweet); the right amount of cheese (like pornography, you know it when you taste it); good price ($2.50 for a regular slice). For dessert, Pete went next door to Beard Papa for super friendly service (Pete: "Thank you." Them: "Thank you." Pete: "Thank you." Them: "Thank you."), strong coffee, and this week's cream puff of the week: Cookie Crunch. It was basically the original vanilla cream puff with a coating of something resembling crushed up Cookie Crisp cereal. Pete finds it interesting that Beard Papa maintains such a big beard--well, other than the obvious fact that his name is Beard Papa--because if he is anything like Pete, whenever he eats a cream puff (and I imagine he eats a lot) he walks with custard smeared all over his beard the rest of the day. A solid six on the LaCock Lunch-O-Meter.

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