Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The King, and the Egg Custard King

Pete met up with GG in Chinatown at the King of cheap-eat spots, Vanessa's Dumpling House, to fight the below-freezing temperatures with crispy, juicy pork and cabbage/chive dumplings (8), a fluffy sesame pancake with egg, tasty pork buns (3), and so-so miso soup. The best part: All of this costs about the same as one ride on the Cyclone; Pete, however, strongly cautions against doing one before the other. Next, Pete and GG headed down and around to the Egg Custard King Cafe on the corner of Grand and Forsyth. The plan was a doughnut and coffees, but GG's curiosity got the better of GG. (Note: Do not touch the food items unless you plan on purchasing them--even if they are wrapped in cellophane. Note II: The answer to "What's in that?" is "It's good." followed by one of the items being put on your tray.) One sesame ball (strangely tasty for something so slimy); one sugar doughnut filled with black bean paste (really good but not recommended by four out of five), one giant yellow sponge cake (would be the only dessert left standing after the apocalypse), two thick noodles wrapped around pork and green onions (bakery and cafe might be a more appropriate name), and two coffees later... we owed them... less than five dollars and we were steeled for the cold walk back to our respective underground fortresses. Pete doesn't think all the sweets are necessarily treats, but Pete loves saying, "Egg Custard King Cafe."

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  1. I feel full just reading that post. There's a cheesy pickup line somewhere in Note II - although you may have to have the same policy as ECKC for it to work: you ask, it's yours. Vanessa's sounds great; how's the seating in there?