Friday, March 13, 2009

Jump Around

Go south on Bowery and take a left at the statue of Confucius in Chatham Square--where seven streets meet, seriously, fucking count them if you don't believe Pete--and you'll be at Food Sing Corp 88 or Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop.  Get yourself some hand-pulled noodles here. A word of advice though: if you want the beef stew and beef han hand-pulled noodle broths (a big bowl for $4.50), do NOT keep pointing to the Pig's Blood--yep, it's like a bouillon cube of the blood of the pig (but more on that later)--Rice Noodles because they don't speak gringo and "Is this good?" might as well mean "I would like one of those, too." Ate the beef, got the blood to go; then picked up some mini egg waffle cakes (15 for $1) from a cart on Bowery and an almond drink (10 ounces for $1.25) from Yuen Yuen Restaurant on Bayard. I don't really understand Chinatown economics--for instance, how the fuck does this place sell fresh-squeezed OJ for $2? And apropos of nothing, do Kriss Kross wear their Snuggies like robes?


  1. Pig's blood? Sounds like dinuguan.

    My friends daughter asks to wear her jacket like a snuggie all the time!

  2. Pete doesn't trust Filipinos--they abandon cats and eat stews of blood.

  3. Pete was just LaCocking with you. Pete loves all races and refrains from making broad generalizations--for the most part.