Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Dog: Korean Style

Although the two most iconic carts in New York sell coffee and hot dogs, Pete never thought, "What if one sold hot dogs and coffee--genius!" However, apparently some Koreans did so with much success in their homeland so they decided to open up a New York Hot Dog & Coffee in New York of all places. NYHD&C have the standard fare--i.e. Mackey's chili and cheese dog--but they also do dogs with a Korean twist. Pete got the bulgogi (literally "fire meat") dog; it's a regular dog on top on a bed of lettuce and pickles that's topped with thinly sliced beef marinated in a sweet sauce and served in a normal bun. (You can also add spicy kimchi.) It's the Korean version of the chili dog. It was pretty good, but it would be really good if the dog had more snap and the bulgogi was a little more flavorful. Pete thinks NYHD&C should focus on bit more on the quality of their namesake coffee and hot dogs and leave the Belgian waffles and flagels to someone else. It's sort of like Pete's teachers used to tell him: "Focus!"


  1. That could have so much potential!

  2. Pete agrees; he'll give it another shot--then, try to fashion his own version.