Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's sort of useless to talk about lunch when you attend the Phagwa or Holi festival (Anecdotal aside: Pete doesn't quite get the metaphysical meaning of dumping powder and shooting food coloring on each other but then again Pete completed his minor in philosophy in college with a thesis that instead of being a five-page syllogism on why Pete couldn't be sure he existed was a title and only a title: "Metaphysics is mental masturbation.") at the very end of the A line in Rich Hill, Queens, but... Pete and the superfriends ate Guyanese food--spicy roti, chicken patties, egg puffs, ruff (fried chicken and french fries), fried rice, milk candy, cassava balls, and pholourie--at Brown Betty on Liberty Avenue. Damn good every bit of it. Pete thinks photos and video explain this excursion better than he can.

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