Monday, March 16, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Circus Scene

Pete ate curbside on the corner of Front and Washington Street in DUMBO--how about some tables, yo? Pete got chicken pupusas from one of the Red Hook ballfield vendors that relocate to the Brooklyn Flea in the winter. Super tasty and filling and worth the trip; however, not to get all hipsterocrite but the scene is a bit too much of a scene for Pete. When the guidebook-led Europeans join forces with the skinny jean Billsy-burg crowd, it gets a little silly--but whatever. Pete and friends headed to Montero's at the very end of Atlantic Avenue for some refreshments afterwards; a woman was making chocolate easter bunny lollipops in the kitchen--Montero's often serves up spaghetti and meatballs free to all customers--and Playboy Playmates ones, too! Her nipples are cherries.

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