Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sandwiches & Records

Sau Voi Corp Sandwiches & Records on the corner of Lafayette and Walker at the edge of Chinatown is not for everyone--especially those with a fear of restaurants that improperly use pesticides, aren't vermin-proof, and have flying insects--but if you are looking for a 18 different varieties of bahn mi (butter bahn mi?), meatballs on a stick, a rainbow ice, Gelly fish salad, stickly rice w. black eye bean, Ovaltine, scratch-off tickets, used CDs, Asian porn DVDs, "Korean Karaoke, Vol. 7" on vinyl, etc., then you have come to the right spot. Pete and Mackey picked up two Bahn Mi Nem Nuong--big slices of tender BBQ pork--and took them to the Spring Lounge in SoHo to eat them with a couple of PBR drafts. Pete suggests you check out how bahn mi 4 and bahn mi 15 have been renumbered in pen on the menu. When Pete ordered two number fours, lunch lady said, "Number 15? Four is 15, 15 is 4 now." Pete will buy a four or fifteen--and one used CD (they currently have Prince's "1999" in stock--lunch for the first person with a sane explanation for this.

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