Monday, July 13, 2009

Banh Mi Me--Or Else!

Of all the first-generation, under-$5 bahn mi, Banh Mi So. 1 on Broome Street between Mott and Elizabeth in Little Italy is Pete's fave; the pork is always cooked properly and has none of the mystery meat feel that some of the other hole-in-the-wall shops have, the vegetables (cucumbers, carrots) and spices (cilantro) are always fresh, and the peppers are not overpowering, a little mild if anything. However, Pete's one complaint is that sometimes the bread is a little on the stale side; it cuts up your mouth like Cap'N Crunch. Speaking of complaints, if Pete was the father of one the children playing in the park on Spring and Mulberry where Pete had his lunch, he would have quite a few since the camp counselor was on some weird power trip. Is it really necessary to make eight-year-olds stand at attention for over ten minutes while barking at them that, "I'm going to find out which ones of you have not paid for this trip. It might not be today; but don't think you will get away with it. I will track you down to the edge of the Earth if I have to." One of the young girls actually passed out while Chairman Mao walked the lines of nervous children. On the opposite side of the dickhead spectrum is the nice boss who makes a Chocolate Graham Cracker Torte with Whipped Cream for the office; and the guys from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, who couldn't be nicer (or gayer for that matter)--alas, their choinkwich (a chocolate bacon cartwheel) is not moving on to the next round of SYTYCIC? 

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