Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Dressing Required (apologies to Phil Collins)

Whilst Pete is not ready to commit himself to going vegetarian for the rest of the summer like Spaceman, he has been trying to enjoy the summer bounty of fruits and vegetables currently in bloom at the greenmarkets; and he has been eating decidedly less meat--and very little since the short rib hash at brunch at Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens on Sunday (see salad number 5 for the one exception). And thanks to the Minimalist's latest article, Pete sees no end in sight to this trend. Last third lunch, Pete prepared five of the 101 salads (numbers 1, 3, 27. 39, and 78 (the hot dog salad!), pickled some cucumbers, made sweet tea with lemon, and threw together a sundae with chocolate ice cream from Blue Marble, homemade whipped cream, walnuts, and shavings from Chocolate Bar's Blade Bar. After the five-salad-fest, Pete went back for more today. At lunch, Pete had almond butter and raspberry jam on raisin bread; a peach and blueberry--and a touch of balsamic vinaigrette dressing--fruit cocktail; and a salad. The arugula (almost nutty tasting), Jersey tomatoes (the best thing from Jersey besides Rutz Hut regulator hot dog), Middle Eastern cucumbers (like Miller Lite: less bitter, crunchy taste), and sweet broccoli (uh, sweet) were so fresh and full of flavor that no dressing was required; Pete added just a little pepper. This would make Pete's grandfather--who used to make Pete get up at six in the morning and drive all over eastern Long Island hitting different fruit and vegetable stands to get the best (fill in the blank)--proud. Pete's grandfather also imbued him with a love for all things ice cream; Pete however did not love Jacques Torres Signature Chocolate Chocolate Chip--it shan't be moving on.

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