Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wa-hacka! Wa-hacka! Wa-hacka!

Oaxaca (pronounced like Fozzie Bear's laugh) is a recently opened taco/torta/tamale joint on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens; it's also a region of Mexico that's famous for its cuisine, especially its cheese and moles--thus the region's nickname: Land of the Seven Moles. For third lunch, Pete ordered three tacos--carne asada, carnitas, and pescado--plus rice and beans for $9.95, plus a fresh-squeezed lemonade which made Pete make a face like a baby sucking on a lemon, shit was tart. The tacos come topped--but not overstuffed--with cilantro, onions, tomatoes, green sauce, pickled red onions, and queso fresco. Pete's fave was the pescado; the fish (mahi-mahi?) was chilled--not fried--and very refreshing. And well Oaxaca didn't make Pete forgot about the squash blossom huarache at Speedy's in Sunset Park, it is a nice addition to the cheaper side of eating in the hood. Pete began his meal with a Matcha Green Tea ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream; it was very tasty and the color was beautiful but it will not be moving on in SYTYCIC? After dinner, Pete went to the old-school pizza joint/Italian restaurant Francesco's that is just down the street from Lucali on Henry Street in Carroll Gardens; he ordered a banana but got a vanilla. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing to go out of your way for either. Could serve as a snack to tide you over while you wait the two hours to get seated at Lucali though.


  1. The ice cream itself was a slightly more muted green; but still intense, especially considering it was edible.