Monday, July 6, 2009

Pete picked a peck of pupusas...

Patriot's Day passed, Pete picnicked on a pupusa platter--pork and cheese, zucchini and cheese, plus pickled jalapenos, purple cabbage salad, plaintains, and Salvadoran cream the color of puffy clouds--from the Red Hook Ballfield vendor posted at the Brooklyn Flea beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (where, incidentally, Pete saw lots of little people popping up all over the place one day previous). Pete's picnic-partner (PP) popped over one booth for a precious, pricey ($13) lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Pete and PP passed their picnic in a puny, pristine park near the River Cafe; then, perused the flea market--no purchases for Pete; PP got a pretty pendant. Post-perusal, Pete proposed: "Perhaps an ice cream from Blue Marble?" PP proclaimed, "Proper, yes, please." Pete's cookies and cream--with Newman's-O's--was a pleasant postcript to a pretty day.

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