Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bueno ("good")

Despana on Broome between Cleveland and Lafayette invites you to "...experience a piece of Spain..." so Pete RSVPed "yes" on a beautiful spring day. Pete picked up Despana's namesake bocadillo ("sandwich"), the Despana (pictured), which has a thin layer of Serrano ham ("mountain ham"), creamy goat cheese ("creamy goat cheese"), and a tomato garlic spread ("tomato garlic spread"); the Verdinas con Jamon Serrano ("green beans and Serrano ham")--FYI: Verdinas is the brand name of the green beans, I guess it must be famous ("Amos") to get a shout out in the name of the dish--and a flan ("egg and milk custard goodness"). The food is amazing--Pete also recommends the boquerones ("marinated white anchovies") which he had on another visit; they were addictive ("Robert Palmer")--and the the flan was the best Pete ever tasted. The portions are very European ("reasonable") and the bocadillos are not jawbreakers like the fucking Godfather. In fact, the only thing that got lost in translation was the fact that Pete decided to eat lunch on a stoop in front of door with a sign that said, "Do not sit on steps. Active door." ("Pete got slammed in the back with a door").


  1. Pete has not had my mom's leche flan.

  2. Pete has never been to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe either; therefore, Pete can't compare the trolley system there to San Francisco's trolley system.