Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tastee Deeze

Over the course of this long, dark winter, and equally depressing damp, dank spring, Pete has relied on one cheap, go-to food more than all others: the dumpling. However, Pete has finally OD--over dumpling-ed. While Pete will still stop by the dumpling houses for sesame pancakes, kimchi, and spicy cucumbers--and maybe an occasional pork bun; Pete is going to say good-bye to dumplings for awhile. But Pete still wants to pay tribute for all they have done for him over the past few months, so... a little song to the tune of John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane."

Little ditty about pork and chive and
dumpling dough sizzling in a hot pan.
Five for a dollar makes the price a star
it's a filling meal that's gonna go far.

Snacking on pork dumplings inside the Tastee Deeze
paperback on my lap
napkin on my knees.
Pete says, "Hey dumpling lady let's run off
and get five more for me."
I'll nibble on those crispy nooks
first; Pete will eat as he please.
And say a 

Oh yeah lunch goes on
Long after the thrill of cheap dumplings is gone.
Say oh yeah lunch goes on
Long after the thrill of cheap dumplings is gone, now eat on.


  1. i spit coffee on my computer funny guy.

  2. Just caught myself whistling that tune on the way back from the kitchen area. I wonder how long until the girl in the cube in front of me asks herself, "Did he really just sing 'lunch goes on'?"