Friday, April 3, 2009

Food, Culture, Myth, and Religion

In Pete's carefree college days, he rented a couch in an old Victorian from a strange man who referred to all animals other than cats--since cats were the original inhabitants of earth--with the adjective "moo" in front of them. For example, a cow was a Moo Kitty and a Yeti was Never-Been-Seen Kitty. With that in mind, Pete refers to breakfast as first lunch; dinner is third lunch; and brunch is not lunch. Pete participated in a beer pairing for third lunch yesterday evening--or, third afternoon. Thick slices of ham and black olives so briny they looked like grapes and snappy, tart cornichon; big wheels of cheese; and a bowl of greenmarket pretzels--all matched with the appropriate (really expensive) beer. The highlight was eating a piece of salted caramel chocolate then sipping on a Three Philosophers Belgian then popping a dark cherry. Fantastic stuff, and free too! This all went down at Jimmy's No. 43 in the Eat (sic) Village. Pete must admit that based on the exterior he always assumed this place was a douchey sports bar; it's not though. It's interior has that ethereal quality the Japanese refer to as yugen. Pete and company took a nice stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge in the foggy spring evening ("The fog makes all the lights on the buildings look glowy.") to Blue Marble for some ice cream. Pete's Divine Mocha Chip was just that--divine--70% Stumptown coffee and 30% chocolate with big chocolate chips.

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