Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liquid Lunch

Pete and Sled Dog set off on a sunny Saturday afternoon for food and drinks--alas, they forgot about the food for a bit too long. After multiple rounds of beers and much discussion of metal bands like Mastodon at the Gate, we met up with Big Red and headed to 4th Avenue Pub. At this point, Pete and Sled Dog were feeling a bit tipsy, so they decided the proper thing to do was to get tattoos. Watch an artistically licensed recreation of how that turned out here. Eventually Pete and Sled Dog picked up one of Layla Jones's thin, square Sicilian-ish pies with black olives--it's definitely no DiFara's, but that late, late afternoon, it tasted just as good. And it sobered Pete and Sled up enough to do a little more drinking with Levon Kirkland later on that night.

Late-night lunch tip: The original El Idolo taco truck is parked on 14th and 8th in the city until closing time; Pete picked up a cemita there recently: he recommends it. Flannery's down the street lets you bring food into the bar; not a spot Pete would recommend but also not the worst spot in the world--the Northern Irish bartender seemed very friendly, too, but to be honest Pete couldn't understand a word he said.

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