Monday, April 20, 2009

La Estrella

After a long stroll up blossom blooming 5th Avenue--with a stop in Sunset Park: The Park for a short grass nap and to overhear a six-year-old call his friend a "pincha maricon" (fucking fag)--to 60th Street, Pete and PC headed down 4th Avenue looking for a new restaurant to try in their ever-continuing quest to eat at every restaurant in Sunset Park. Ended up at Star between 39th and 40th. Pete's been reeling from a double kick in the cojones of a spring cold and the onset of allergies, so he ordered the classic cold remedy: chicken soup and orange juice; however, this being a Mexican restaurant, he ordered the caldo de pollo--squash, carrots, potatoes, celery, and, of course, a big piece of chicken on the bone; it also comes with a side of cilantro, limes, and diced onions--and a morir sonando. The soup was a little bit salty but good, and even better with the addition of some of the salsas on the table. Pete and PC also shared a lengua (tongue) taco and al pastor--the menu states "Especialistas en al pastor" so that was a no brainer--quesadillas. The only drawback to this place--they even have a full bar which is pretty uncommon in Sunset Park--is that like ODB, they like to play their music loud.

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