Monday, April 27, 2009

Mm-Mm Mimi's

When Pete lived in Ditmas Park, going-out-to-eat options were limited, and most of the good places--Bahar, Bagel Hole--were on Coney Island Avenue; however, Cortelyou Road is becoming somewhat of a restaurant row these days. A row of mediocre--at best--restaurants though, until now... Mimi's Hummus is clearly the class of the street. Pete strolled up there after a relaxing morning in the Brooklyn Botantic Garden and took a seat by the window of the 20-seat cafe, which is both BYOB and non-AC (for now); the incredibly cute waitress said the lack of AC would make the "...experience that much more authentic." Neither the suffocating heat nor Bob Marley on the stereo dampened the pleasure of Mimi's--full disclosure: Pete doesn't know if it's because he is getting older or because the association of frat boys and "Legend" no longer exists, but Pete actually enjoyed the reggae (shh, don't tell anyone). Pete and company shared the cold tahini hummus with pinenuts with both regular and whole wheat pita and fouk (a spicy puree of cilantro, spices, and peppers), a red beet soup with lamb meatballs (very borscht like), a cauliflower salad, and a red beet salad. Everything was super simple, just a few ingredients and spices, but really delicious, especially the hummus (of course) and the cauliflower salad. Pete finished up with Turkish coffee. Digression: Pete's grandfather--father's side--believed that you should drink hot beverages in the summer because the inevitable post-hot-drink sweating cools you down; Pete likes this theory, but he thinks it shouldn't necessarily be put into practice while on a date.

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